QMware is disruptive technology…


Disruptive technology is good, because challenges all preconceived ideologies of what a production based or professional business actually requires to function efficiently to achieve the end goal.


Check this out:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disruptive_innovation



How is QMware actually disruptive…?



Single purposed tools, such as LIMS (Lab Information Management Systems), BIMS (Business Information Management Systems), IMS (General Information Management Systems), BI (Business Intelligence), CRM/SCM (Customer Relations Management or Supply Chain Management), sales management, task tracking or even basic management tools are redundant.


QMware is a constant evolving multi-purpose platform, with methodologies based on either industry recognized standards or best practices with one goal in mind – a Single platform with open, shared, collaborative data.




What does all of this mean to me, the manager or business owner?

Sustainable control….as simple as that.

You have control over what happens, where it happens, how it happens, who or what is involved, all of it and more, whilst maintaining clear communication and data reporting lines.



  • Your People – Know and manage the key roles played within your organization, and identify where you need to grow your people relevant to business requirement and personal development.



  • Your Process – Know where you need to improve. Key indicators such as turn-around time, repeated analysis, method adherence: all play a role to properly evaluate your processes to identify bottlenecks.



  • Your Production – Know where you are falling short or over-achieving. Key indicators such as throughput levels, minimums, maximums and deviations help tweak the business to perform at optimum and allow role players to make in-time decisions.



  • Your Profit Footprint – Know where you are not just making or losing profit, but also what your footprint is in terms of doing so. Sustainable business is dependent on how the business sustains it’s people, the community and the direct environment in which it operates. Managing your business efficiently, will include the three sustainable factors, and if properly managed, would position the operation in the ‘green’ on more than one level.





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